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A New League Is Formed!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

In an uncertain post-COVID world, the football authorities have been thrown into disarray and amongst many clubs becoming bankrupt, a group of football enthusiasts have formed to try and push forward the Caribbean Football Union’s idea of creating a Mega League featuring the best players from each nation in the region. Everybody knows about the success of Mexican and American domestic clubs, but the CFU had a vision to improve the quality of the beautiful game on the Caribbean isles, which led Daz Knapton and his chums to get the first flight from Manchester to Montego Bay so that the adventures could begin.

The twelve teams coming out of the region have been created and each nation has supported the movement by creating a national stadium that will host fans from the Caribbean, inland America and even further afield. Once the stadia had been completed the clubs formally announced themselves, with each being led by one of Daz’s English compatriots, and on Thursday 4th June 2020 the founding members of the Caribbean Mega League met in Port of Spain to register their 23 player squads. The only two rules facing the clubs were that they had to select players who are resident of the island and that they could not have a value of over £100,000. These rules were voted on in the early stages of development so that each nation would have a fair chance of competing in the league and so that Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago would not have a large advantage from having thousands of players on their respective islands.

Even with these two simple rules, Jamrock Juniors of Jamaica had almost 600 players to choose from compared to the mere 40 who could possibly represent St. Kitts & Nevis side Moko-Jumbies FC. It will be interesting to see how both of these teams, managed by the Knapton brothers, manage to perform in this new league. The aim will be to run the competition over 22 matches each, with each team playing against one another both home and away in a standard league system, and the best sides will then get the chance to represent the winners of any other competitions that Knapton and the gang set up in the future. Scandinavia and the north European region have already declared an interest in hosting the next league, whilst the Oceanic isles also seem like a similarly suitable option to the Caribbean.

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